Please Beware of Copy Products

Dear Customer,

                       Some persons have been spreading gossip that S.A.Salam Publication have published new books or issued new editions of our existing books and confuse customers to be able to sell their ‘copy’ products using the name of S.A. Salam Publications or posing themselves as representatives of S. A. Salam Publications. This is a common problem with popular products and we need your help in the matter. Please contact us at our Head Office in case you are not sure about any sale representative or any product or prices. We always prefer payments by Cheques in favour of S.A. Salam Publications instead of cash but in any case please make sure that you get an official Receipt for all payments.

                 We wish to clarify that there is no change to our products and that these are being updated regularly as always during the last 38 years. We are committed to give you good services from Lahore for all over Pakistan & from Karachi office for Sindh province directly on a phone call / email or letter to the Head Office. In case you feel, you did not get good service from any of our representatives, please let us know with some detail of the problem or make general suggestions or provide us your feedback.

For your kind information following persons are our representative

Name Contact City
Mr. Muhammad Umair 0333-4402924 Lahore
Mr. Muhammad Ijaz 0321-4520830 Lahore
Mr. Muhammad Yasir 0307-4695380 Lahore
Mr. Tasawar Hussain 0320-4588034 Lahore
Mr. Aamir Chouhan 0344-2322200 Karachi
Mr. Ahsan Sami 0331-2401231 Karachi
Mr. Aamir Bhatti 0345-2240649 Karachi
Mr. S. Adnan Ali 0313-0271878 Karachi
Mr. Muhammad Waqas 0307-0084620 Islamabad

Note :- All our publications are compiled by Sheikh Asif Salam (Chartered Accountant).

We will remain thankful to you for your cooperation and patronage.

Best regards,
S. A. Salam, FCA