Income Tax Ready Reference

What is in Book?

The Income Tax Ready Reference provides full text of Circulars, Notifications, Jurisdiction Orders, Circular Letters and Budget Material (like Budget Speech, Finance Bill, Notes on Clauses of Finance Bill, Salient Features of the Budget and Finance Act). We have planned major improvement in service in terms of promptness and frequency of the service.

Most of the matter reported in Income Tax Ready Reference is also reported in Complete Income Tax Law but as footnotes and sometimes only extracts and matter like Budget Documents are not reproduced as such in Complete Income Tax Law. Hence for a complete record of all matter, Income Tax Ready Reference has its importance and usefulness.    We look forward to receiving your order soon and assure you of our best possible service at most economical prices and with the same missionary spirit as during the last 40 years.

Price of Book?

Rs. 1,400/-

Where does it come from?


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